About Us



Sandrine Obadia Riou

A French native, Sandrine trained in France in the French Psychological Medical Help program. She is passionate about helping others improve their life. Working with seniors whose skin developed various issues Sandrine had the desire to find something that would improve their skin while being as safe as possible. She brought this to the attention of her husband, Douglas, who had worked in the cosmetic field for many years.



Douglas Obadia Riou

A native of Paris, Douglas moved to the Provence region of France where he worked in the cosmetic field for many years before meeting his future wife, Sandrine. It was with his knowledge of cosmetics that he turned his attention to resolving the concerns that Sandrine had.



Shaun Noble

Raised first in the U.S. and then Canada, Shaun returned to the U.S. where he became interested in the organic and natural movement after settling in L.A. and seeing firsthand the damage the sun and weather had on people's skin. Having been making skin moisturizers for himself, family and friends, he and Douglas decided to merge their skills and knowledge. It was through this combination that Sandrine Riou Cosmetiques was born.


Organic, Natural & Cruelty Free

Together all three searched for the best natural sources for moisturizing delicate skin and treating various skin conditions. The decision to be an organic cosmetic business was necessary to ensure their cosmetic products were safe as well as effective. Testing is always cruelty free!

Demand for their anti-aging moisturizers began soon after people saw the fantastic results their products achieved. It was at this point that they decided to make their products available for everyone.